Bledsoe Extraterrestrials

Bledsoe Podcast on Light Beings from Cape Fear Close Encounters

The story of Chris Bledsoe, Sr., and five men who had encounters with UFOs and beings along the Cape Fear River in 2007 is one of the most notable Close Encounters of the Fourth Kind in history. Not only did Bledsoe see the craft, but by their accounts, both he and his son Chris Bledsoe Jr. encountered (separately) beings with extraordinary abilities. Today, the family continues to have regular experiences in a rural Fayetteville, North Carolina setting.

Recently, “Cape Fear” and aliens have become prominent in popular culture with American Horror Story’s latest feature. However, the story from the Bledsoe family is far from horrific, aside from how some people reportedly treated the witnesses. Rather than meeting scary aliens, their accounts tell of healing and helpful guardians –beings of light. 

It seems the media portrayal of UFOs and ETs is generally very much at odds with the accounts of those who say they have had actual experiences. Why is that? It’s something everyone interested in the “phenomena” needs to consider seriously and thoughtfully. Today, we seem to be on the brink of a new age when serious UFO research could finally become mainstream and public.

Will what’s coming next reflect the full truth, or more spin and coverup?

The Full Story of The Bledsoe Fayetteville Incident

In “UFO’s Over Earth,” Episode 1, The Fayetteville Incident, on Prime video, you can see the story of what happened near the Cape Fear River in 2007. Or at least part of what happened. For a summary, check out the write-up here.

One of the Bledsoe family, Ryan, recently shared many more details on the podcast Bledsoe Said So. For those interested in the story straight from those who lived it, you will notice a difference between the documentary and their accounts. (To put it mildly).

Notably, the podcast at times explores how Bledsoe Sr. faced pressure to change his story, over and over. After years of considering a Hollywood picture about the incidents, nothing came to fruition. Why? For over a decade, he remained steadfast, refusing to deviate from the series of events he had experienced, says host Ryan.

The Chris Bledsoe Sr. Regression

After 14 years, Ryan Bledsoe, who discusses his own experiences, has revealed new details not shared in the Discovery Channel show in which MUFON, the Mutual UFO Network, investigated.

In episode 9: The Chris Bledsoe Regression, Ryan and childhood friend Nick go over a transcript from the two-hour regression hypnosis of Bledsoe Sr. on July 14, 2008. After the regression, Ryan says the family never got a transcript copy and only an audio cassette tape. During the regression, his dad was crying as he described the events.

“There was a lot of information that came out in the regression that blew their minds,” says Ryan of the investigators, who he says included MUFON and government representatives from the CIA and Homeland Security.

Recently, Ryan received the transcript from researcher Grant Cameron after thinking he wouldn’t see it again. It felt like “justice in the universe” to Ryan.

Beings of Light Who Guide Evolution

Immediately, one detail that Ryan clarifies about the regression by Dr. Michael O’Connell is the nature of the beings. 

“When you read through it, my dad clearly says that the beings are made of pure energy, they’re made of light, they’re like the guardians of nature that guide us through evolution. And, for many years, people have tried to say that my dad wasn’t saying that from the start but he was,” Ryan says.

Mind-Blowing Details from the Bledsoe Regression Transcript 

A few other notable details, strangely omitted from the documentary:

  • Descriptions of translucent walls of a vessel of light or spacecraft. Inside, Bledsoe Sr. described seeing outside in all directions to the stars.
  • A description of being taken to a place similar to where he went in childhood. After being shot in the back in 5th grade, Ryan says his father has always said, “I left my body and went to space,” when asked what it was like.
  • A separate UFO sighting on a family hunting trip in Montana in 2003.

Detailed Descriptions of Extraterrestrials

Then, we get a very detailed description as Bledsoe Sr. described the beings he recalled seeing.

  • Almost human-looking thin, greenish or grayish-blue guardian beings with long arms and fingers with large black eyes and beings capable of changing color and shape. 
  • In height, they may have been around seven feet tall or more and communicated telepathically without moving their mouths. However, their children are smaller, wearing protection, with glowing translucent suits. They can sometimes become invisible and wear red goggles, studying life on Earth almost like “a garden.”

“They’re learning about us. Lifeguards,” he said of the children. As the children grow, they wear the suits as they “learn to use their abilities.”

Next, Bledsoe Sr. makes a stunning mic-drop moment:

“There’s not just one universe.”

Further, Bledsoe Sr. says the beings say there are “other dimensions” who can “go anywhere through time” coming from an unknown “dimension just a second away.”

Elaborating, Ryan says:

“They told him that they work for creation itself and that they’re basically the guardians of life. They treat all life in the natural world like a garden. And, they guide the process of evolution over eons.”

Benevolent Pure Energy Beings 

Bledsoe says they were assigned to him before he was born, caring for certain people. He says it made him “happy” and “relaxed” to know they have watched over generations of his family.

“They say in times of trouble they’re here for me,” he said of the beings. “They’ve been here forever,” he later says, after the being told him they are “pure energy.”

In another moment, he says the light beings “work for creation,” although not necessarily angels.

Bledsoe Sr. created a hand-drawn illustration of the vehicle’s console with symbols and a far-away galaxy the beings told him was where his soul originated “beyond Andromeda.”

Extraordinary Account – from the Rural South

As you can see, Bledsoe Sr.’s account is extraordinary, particularly for a carpenter from the rural south. Such ideas are unheard of in the area, notes Ryan.

Later, Bledsoe Sr. recalled more details, including being healed of his Crohn’s disease, which never returned after his encounters. Ryan says the beings could control the vehicle with their minds and wore triangular-shaped symbols on their chests.

Today, Ryan says he believes the story should go viral, believing it will comfort people to know about these benevolent beings who “don’t play by the rules of our dimension.”

“If everybody knew the truth about these beings – I think when that point happens is when we will be at the next level of consciousness,” says Ryan. 

“It’d be like a widespread awakening,” says Nick.

“Yeah, because they would know the truth that there are these benevolent light beings,” said Ryan.

Although this all might be mind-blowing, the podcast reveals many other stunning details. It’s a rare glimpse at close encounters of the fourth kind that didn’t fully reach the public until now.

Hear the whole story at the Bledsoe Said So podcast.

Featured image: Alien by anaterate via Pixabay, Pixabay License with Andromeda Galaxy by WikiImages via Pixabay, Pixabay License