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Reimagining Flying Saucers to Navigate Realms of Consciousness

Consciousness, parallel universes, flying saucers, and the brain: All of these subjects seem to be colliding in recent months. As a long-time follower of UFO stories, it’s been a lot to process but also fascinating.

In recent months, all these profound subjects seem to be converging, and it’s mind-boggling. It forces us to reconsider what we thought we knew on a subject that offers little in the way of evidence.

Today, we know flying saucers, and many other types of UFOs are real. But from there, the subject remains murky. In frustration, we all want a clearer picture for once. Instead, the whole subject seems to be expanding in new ways, diverging into many unexplored, mysterious areas. One can guess it all goes with the new territory.

Reimagining Flying Saucers

Until recently, most people would picture a flying saucer when the subject of UFOs came up. 

Certainly, the idea of an advanced flying saucer traveling across unfathomable lightyears only to crash on Earth rightly sounds improbable. It’s even absurd. But that’s what the Roswell crash of 1947 was supposedly about, perhaps the most famous UFO story of all. A flying saucer traveled from another world and crashed, was reported in the news, then promptly covered up.

Today we can look at Roswell with new eyes and context. For example, physicists continue to advance theories of a multiverse, quantum entanglement, and matter which enters other dimensions. Now, we know that traversable wormholes are possible. 

Given our new understanding, we might ask questions such as, “What if the flying saucer didn’t travel here across space and time at all? What if it materialized from another dimension traveling without defying the laws of physics as we know them?” 

Going further, maybe the beings inside made it to Earth due to their mastery of advanced consciousness more than technology? 

From Flying Saucers to Tic Tacs

Since the New York Times confirmed the Pentagon’s “mysterious UFO program” and then confirmed authentic UFO videos taken by the US Navy, the unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP) subject has taken off. There’s no putting that genie back in the bottle, despite any ongoing resistance from the powers that be.

Today, we know of Tic Tac UFOs that can travel without visible means of propulsion, moving 60 miles in seconds. Other reports show these transmedium objects take on a wide variety of shapes flying by means we have no idea about. At least, if there is understanding, it’s not publicly disclosed.

Recently, the long-awaited UAP report claimed there was no explanation for over 143 UFO cases. These mysterious crafts fly with “advanced, as-of-yet unknown technological capabilities.” Further, they couldn’t rule out ETs. Overall, the extremely brief 9-page report said a lot without saying much. Thus, Reuters called it a “watershed” moment.

Flash forward from 1947 – long gone are the days of the retro flying saucer. 

Enter the Experiencers

As we contemplate all of this, we want more evidence to get a better understanding. But, the government claims it doesn’t have the data, 74 years after Roswell. Do you believe that? Is that why they spent $20 million in a shadowy Pentagon program?

Regardless, those who are open to the UFO subject can listen to those who claim first-hand experience. Enter the experiencers, of which there are many controversial figures. Even on #UFOTwitter, a debate rages over the credibility and motives of some experiencers. 

Understandably, people long treated disrespectfully by the mainstream are mistrustful. Just as the UFO subject gains credibility, dark forces out there would prefer to return to the days of mainstream stigma and ridicule.

Enlightened Beings Versus False Threat

Controversy aside, experiencers mostly share this: UFOs and higher beings are not a threat. Rather they are enlightened guardians here to protect life on Earth. 

Unlike the ETs portrayed in the media and Hollywood, they are interdimensional beings of light. As they have advanced beyond us, they have reached new levels of consciousness and wisdom exceeding the capabilities of our limited mortal bodies.

Therefore, there’s no need for a bloated military, a Space Force to stop space invaders. On the contrary, the real threat always comes from our fellow corrupt humans in their mindless quest for war, elitism, and hoarded wealth. 

When you think about it, aren’t the odds that higher beings would evolve over eons from a place of love greater than from a place of destructive hate? For example, a 2020 study suggested that most civilizations in our galaxy would have self-annihilated themselves. Of those that remain, odds are they aren’t interested in destruction.

Perhaps, experiencers offer the closest glimpse at the true reality of UFOs today. Whether or not the mainstream media shares their story is another thing.

For a glimpse at what experiencers have to say, I’d recommend the Bledsoe Said So podcast. 

Exploring Our Own Minds

To see how the topics of consciousness and UFOs converge, consider a new theory about the brain: neural transduction theory. Psychologist Robert Epstein writes that he believes our brains are bidirectional transducers, not self-contained information processors, storage devices, or computers.

In other words, they receive and convert signals, constructing our perception of reality. Rather than storing information, they translate information received from elsewhere – call it the Other Side or a parallel universe.

“…parallel universes are not wispy, physics-free spiritual entities; according to many mainstream physicists, they are just non-obvious companions of the material universe in which we happen to live,” he writes.

The Brain as Transducer from the Other Side

Possibly, a region of the brain could serve as the transducer. For example, the psychologist suggests the claustrum, a poorly understood structure below the cerebral cortex, may serve this function. Likewise, the pineal gland, which contains tissue that responds to electromagnetic radiation, could be a transducer, an ancient concept that emerges anew.

Just a random thought that popped into mind when reading about the brain’s claustrum.

Evidence from Experiences

To back up the transducer theory, Epstein considers the experiences and accounts of people whose stories indicate our perception may originate from the Other Side, another dimension, a parallel universe.

For example, someone has lost cognitive function for reasons such as ill-health or advanced age. Suddenly, they have moments of “paradoxical lucidity,” thinking and speaking clearly. Frequently, it happens shortly before death. If the brain was damaged or no longer functioning otherwise, how is it possible? Possibly, it’s because the signal is, for a moment, getting in from the Other Side?

Now, we get to why this theory has implications for the study of UFOs and alien beings from other dimensions. If we discover how to tune in, we might realize at last who is out there.

“If transduction theory proves to be correct, our understanding of the universe and of our place in it will change profoundly,” writes Epstein. “We might not only be able to make sense of dozens of odd aspects of human experience, we might also begin to unravel some of the greatest mysteries in the universe: where our universe came from, what else and who else is out there — even whether there is, in some sense, a God.”

Making Contact

While Epstein studies the brain’s transducer, others say they are already tuning in to the Other Side.

For example, Dr. Steven Greer has created protocols and an app called CE5. On the app, people like Demi Lovato say they have been initiating peaceful contact with ET civilizations. After a guided meditation, one focuses inward. Similar to the concept of opening the Third Eye, one may “awaken to deep space,” and begin communication. 

Does it work? 

According to Lovato last year:

“Over the past couple months I have dug deep into the science of consciousness and experienced not only peace and serenity like I’ve never known but I also have witnessed the most incredibly profound sightings both in the sky as well as feet away from me. This planet is on a very negative path towards destruction but WE can change that together. If we were to get 1% of the population to meditate and make contact, we would force our governments to acknowledge the truth about extraterrestrial life among us and change our destructive habits destroying our planet. This is just some of the evidence from under the stars in the desert sky that can no longer be ignored and must be shared immediately.”

So, is it possible to communicate reciprocally with higher intelligence through our consciousness? According to some people, yes. As we wait for more concrete scientific evidence, as people like Epstein are pursuing, we’ll have to wait and ponder, and maybe experience for ourselves. 

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