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The Carolinas Are a UFO Hotspot With an ‘Official Alien Landing Pad’

The Carolinas have been a hotspot for UFO sightings for years. These sightings are particularly common in the Myrtle Beach area. All along the coast, sightings are regular. However, in South Carolina, three Horry County cities, including Myrtle Beach, were ranked in the top 10 for the most UFO sightings in the US. 

In 2007, the Cape Fear River in North Carolina was the site of an amazing close encounter like no other.

Recently in May, a former Navy pilot appeared on 60 Minutes. On the show, Lieutenant Ryan Graves discussed seeing UFOs in restricted airspace off the Virginia coast “every day for years” since 2015.

Mysterious Lights in the Carolinas

Further inland, North Carolina has been a hotspot for mysterious lights in the night sky. Famously called the Brown Mountain Lights, people have reported seeing the glowing orbs in Morganton for over a century. In 2016, scientists captured what they believe is footage of the mysterious lights with no certain explanation.

So, what other types of UFOs do people see in the Carolinas?

Orange Orbs and More Orange Orbs in the Carolinas

As you quickly learn, many of the witnesses report moving colorful orbs, generally orange or amber in color.

Along the Myrtle Beach Grand Strand, many witnesses are also routinely seeing these mysterious orbs. Today, a WBTW13 report takes a look at eight eye-witness reports found in a government database. In all, there have been 66 entries since 2019.

On May 14, 2021

Recently, someone in a beachfront condo saw multiple lights moving “erratically and changing color equally as fast.” Then, according to the anonymous witness, the lights remained in view for over 40 minutes.

“I took a picture, and when you enlarge it you can see one of the lights is a red color and looks to have energy coming from it,” they wrote.

May 24, 2021

Days later, a couple at a resort witnessed a trio of orange orbs. Following the sighting, the college-educated woman and her skeptical husband couldn’t explain what they saw.

“I looked up and noticed two orange (color of a fire) orb lights. I said to my husband, ‘Look! What is that?’ When I told my husband to look, a third orb appeared. The first two lights would have made a horizontal line if you were to draw a line connecting them. The third was below the first two and off to the right slightly,” the anonymous witness wrote.

January 20, 2021

Notably, someone who claims they worked in the Navy for ten years “in the special intelligence and cryptology communities” also reported orange orbs. They watched as four “orange orbs/spheres” moved toward the beach, quickly changing direction and vanishing.

“A few minutes later, they abruptly appeared again over the ocean, where they hovered and then streamed towards the beach before abruptly accelerating and turning. Their light was extinguished again. The vehicle made no sound,” they wrote.

On the same day, someone driving in nearby Conway saw “a large formation of bright orb-like balls formed a perfect elliptical shape.”

“It rotated and maintained that shape while seeming to rotate along a perfect path. These orbs were about the distance of a low-flying helicopter. Much too large to be drones. As it rotated, each orb disappeared one by one and it was gone,” they wrote.

Strange Cylinders

In two entries from 2020, witnesses saw cylinder-shaped objects.

June 22, 2020

On this day, a family watched fireworks from their oceanfront condo and saw a “red-orange light.” However, this time, it was not orb-shaped.

“It was a vertical cigar shape that pulsed,” they wrote. “It was viewed for about 15 seconds, and then it slowly began to shrink until it disappeared. Then, they described the UFO: “It was much larger than the stars and nothing appeared after its disappearance.”

September 1, 2020

On a clear day at a pool in Myrtle Beach, someone described a cylinder seen through binoculars.

“I saw a large cylinder floating in the sky. It looked metallic and had a very bright flashing light on top, or a mirror reflecting the sun. I watched it for 20 minutes until it floated behind the trees. No exhaust, no strings, no wings, no sound.”

Official Alien Landing Pad in the Carolinas

Not too far from Brown Mountain, at Willis Observatory in Bakersville, you can find “the only official alien landing pad” in the Carolinas (or the US for that matter). For rocket scientist Dr. Naveed Moeed, it’s all about “the relentless search to answer the question, is there life outside of our planet or not?”

As for Chris Ayers, the owner/operator, he says it’s only natural to offer a welcome to any passing ETs. 

“We talk about Southern hospitality, it’s only natural we’d be an alien friend too,” Ayers told WBTW.

Visitors to the observatory will find a grassy area set aside for UFO landings.

“We did our research and found out that the aliens prefer grass fields, so they have a soft landing,” said Chris.

If extraterrestrials arrive, a woman named Aunt Gert and her dog Licorice may (tentatively) offer the welcome wagon.

“I reckon I will be, if they don’t scare me when they land,” said Aunt Gert. “Licorice is going to ward them off.”

See the charming Aunt Gert, Licorice, and the “landing pad” below.

See more about the landing pad from FOX 46 Charlotte:

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