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‘They’re My Guardians,’ Fayetteville Pilot Recalls ETs Under Hypnosis

Chris Bledsoe, Fayetteville Incident

Update on July 29, 203: When the author wrote this story by chance due to a general interest in UFO and paranormal topics in July 2021, it led to discovering Ryan Bledsoe’s podcast “Bledsoe Said So,” which goes into vastly more detail, including claims of media bias covered here. Since then, Chris Bledsoe’s “UFO of GOD” has been published with his compelling first-hand accounts. He is also about to appear on the History Channel. The show introduces new scientific evidence backing up his incredible connections with light beings. (See video below.)

At the time of this update, the UFO subject is front-page again due to the recent public hearings in Congress. Although witnesses have made some astonishing claims about mysterious extraterrestrial craft and even biological evidence, the proof of such remains hidden from the public. Meanwhile, the Bledsoes continue to document direct experiences and interactions with light being/orbs almost daily on social media. 

Importantly, they maintain that their ongoing experiences relate to consciousness and benevolent light beings here to help humanity become more loving.

Video via HISTORY:

Original post from July 2021

Chris Bledsoe, Sr. and the Fayetteville Incident: January 8, 2007, Fayetteville, North Carolina

Five men in Fayetteville, North Carolina, witnessed UFOs and saw extraterrestrial beings capable of becoming invisible. 

To hear their stories, you can watch “UFO’s Over Earth,” Episode 1, The Fayetteville Incident, available on Amazon Prime. Also, see the videos below.

Chris Bledsoe, Sr. reported the encounters to MUFON, the Mutual UFO Network. Investigators describe him as a respected member of his community, successful construction businessman, father of four, and commercial pilot. 

Orange Orbs in the Sky

Bledsoe and the other men, including his son, described seeing lights in the sky that night.

The five men were outdoors along the Cape Fear River to do some evening fishing. While others began fishing, Chis walked up the adjacent road along a clearing alone. At the time, it was late afternoon near sunset.

In the distance, he saw what he described as “two orange balls” side by side in the sky. Then, a third orb joined the others. It was as if the sky “zipped open,” as the third orb appeared.

“The minute I saw it, it put fear in me, I mean deep fear,” Bledsoe recalled. 

Until that moment, the pilot had never been interested in or studied UFOs in his life.

“But the minute I saw it, being a commercial pilot, I knew it wasn’t anyting from here,” he said. “Immediately, the chills came about me so intensely that it felt like electricity.”

Intuitively, he realized the aircraft was aware of his presence.

The End of the World

Alarmed, Bledsoe started running quickly back to the group fishing at the riverside. When he rejoins the group, they look into the sky and see three lights descending. The lights came down at unbelievable speed, then abruptly stopped as if cushioned by something in the air. Then, they gently lowered to the ground. As they came down, the surrounding trees turned blood red.

“We’re all looking at the sky when these three big white balls that look like stars converge and landed on the other side of the river,” Bledsoe said. “And, they were really close, about a 100 yards maybe, 150 yards,” he continued.

Now, the whole group is in a panic, dropping their fishing poles and heading back for their truck. Driving quickly down the road away from the site, the men look up and see another UFO floating in the sky. A witness described it as a “big light” hovering in a field. 

Bledsoe estimated it was perhaps 40 feet across, egg-shaped with protruding spikes that seemed to come from it. 

The men tried to contact people in a nearby home, but nobody answered the door. Later, Bledsoe said the people in the home said they had been there but never heard anything.

They all return home as fast as possible, frightened by what they witnessed.

“I can’t explain to you what we were all believing. It was the end of the world. We were being invaded by something fom another planet,” Bledsoe later said.

Bledsoe Sr.’s Encounter with A Small Glowing Entity

Once back home, things were just warming up for Bledsoe.

“It went on a long time. It was a hectic night,” recalled Bledsoe. 

That night, his dogs began barking, prompting him to go outside. After following his Chesapeake Bay Retriever to the nearby woods, he notices she stops in fear, her hair standing up along her back.

Then, he sees a short “entity” standing just three to four feet away. Bledsoe could have reached out and touched the figure, who stood about as high as his waist, childlike in proportions. The figure remained motionless, looking at him with red eyes.

“It was glowing,” Bledsoe recalled, getting chill bumps on his arms as he described what he saw.

“It looked like if you dipped a person in glass and it molded to their body. You could see through the glass inside, that’s what it looked like.”

A Feeling of Peace

Frozen, the pilot realized he couldn’t get away and resigned himself to facing down the entity. Instead of panicking, he remained calm, even describing a feeling of peace. 

‘I was thinking real fast if it’s going to get me, it’s going to get me,” he said to himself. “I just kind of calmed down and relaxed, and I felt at peace at that moment.”

In a more recent interview, he described hearing a “thunderous” man’s voice after surrendering.

“You don’t understand. We’re not here to hurt you, we’re here to help,” the voice said.

As the dog Rosie approached, the being abruptly disappeared from view. In a drawing, Bledsoe described the being’s chest plate that may have been some kind of invisibility technology. 

His dog continued tracking the creature and didn’t return home for two days by his account. Later, he says a tree that he had been standing near died for inexplicable reasons. Amazingly, after suffering from Crohn’s disease for years, his symptoms vanished, which he attributed to the encounters.

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Bledsoe Jr.’s Encounters with Glowing Invisible Beings

Among the other witnesses, Chris Bledsoe Jr. was on the scene that night. However, he had a totally separate encounter further up the riverbank in the dark.

Speaking to MUFON, he described seeing “bright red” orbs floating about waist high slowly floating down the road in the distance.

After the orbs floated down the path, he saw “creatures” emerge from a wooded area. To him, they appeared small and skinny but had difficulty describing their bodies.

“I could see, I guess their body, but not what they were wearing,” he told MUFON.

His father gives a more thorough description in the video below. According to Bledsoe Sr., the two beings were three to four feet tall, glowing, and wearing round red glowing goggles. 

“He desribed them picking up can and bottles and playing with them and throwing them on the ground,” Bledsoe says.

Some 20 feet away, the beings were able to paralyze him if they looked at him. At one point, the truck came down the road, and the ETs dove into a pile of brush. Suddenly, they became invisible apart from their glowing red eyes.

Three Other Witnesses

Meanwhile, at Bledsoe Sr.’s location, witnesses Donny Ackerman, Gene Robinson, and David McDonald corroborated his account. They saw the three UFOs that appeared like stars slowly descend across the river, making no sound. 

In color, they described seeing orange as well as other colors.

Other than minor discrepancies, MUFON investigator Rich Lang noted the witnesses had similar stories.

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Hours of Missing Time

After putting together the witness testimonies, MUFON discovered an interesting case of missing time. After Bledsoe Sr. walked down the road alone, he remembered being gone about 20 minutes. However, his fellow fishermen recalled he had been gone for three to four hours. It was no longer early evening but well into the night.

At one point, the men say they drove up the road looking for Bledsoe Sr. but never saw him. Bledsoe says he seems to have lost his memory of what happened. 

“I have a missing spot in my brain,” Bledsoe said. 

James Carrion, MUFON International Director, suggested using regression hypnosis to retrieve the missing memories.

Hypnosis Reveals ET ‘Guardians’

Dr. Michael O’Connell, a psychologist, performed regression hypnosis on Bledsoe Sr. on July 14, 2008.

During the filmed hypnosis, Bledsoe described trying to hide after seeing four extremely tall extraterrestrials. Then, he found himself in a dark, round control room.

“Are they telling you why you were chosen,” asks O’Connell.

“They’re my guardians,” Bledsoe said.

“Looking after you? Your well-being?” asked O’Connell. 

“Uh huh,” Bledsoe agrees.

“Every time I get sad, they’re here.”

After further prompts, Bledsoe explains the smaller glowing beings are the ET’s children.

“They let them out to play,” he says.

“Have they been in your home?” asks O’Connell.

“Yeah,” Bledsoe states calmly.

“We’ve definitely been through the Looking Glass today, guys,” says witness Rich Lang. Nevertheless, Lang goes on to say his story is typical for a UFO abduction scenario.

The Encounters Continue

From there, the investigators created animations to recreate what the witnesses saw. Also, Bledsoe agreed to a professional polygraph and psychiatric testing. While he passed the psychiatric test, the polygraph indicated possible deception when discussing the glowing entity.

However, Bledsoe stuck to his story, saying, “I know what I saw.” 

The MUFON investigators say that overall, they believe the witness stories represent a real phenomenon. As for Bledsoe, the experience was extremely difficult for his family, and he says the other witnesses are reluctant to talk about what happened anymore.

Angelic Healing Beings

After coming forward, Bledsoe began seeing visitors, including people from NASA, the CIA, and others. Thousands of ordinary people reached out to him. 

Online, you can see him standing with Tom DeLonge and Lue Elizondo in a photo, famously involved with UFO research today.

Also, he and his entire family continued to have more encounters with UFOs, such as 40-foot orbs and what he believes are angelic beings. Also, he describes healing experiences with a watery substance that appears as if out of nowhere.

Today, he says his experiences have been positive and believes the ETs healed him and others.

“In thirteen years, almost 14 years later, all I can say is I’ve been blessed,” Bledsoe says. “It’s been a positive things for us,” he says of his family.

On Easter evening of 2019, he says he spotted another orb flashing in the sky. As it rotated, it turned red, yellow, and white in a spiraling formation. Over a pond, it moved up and down as he filmed the encounter. In his mind, he says the orb telepathically instructed him to begin sharing his story again.

“Get out and tell your story. Trouble is coming,” is the message which Bledsoe says he heard.

Ryan Bledsoe started his own podcast to describe his own experiences.

For more, see the Twitter thread below:

Recently, Bledsoe appeared on Truth Be Told Radio to discuss what has happened since 2007.

You can hear Chris Bledsoe Sr. describe many more encounters on Martin Willis Live Show:

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