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Declassified report details UFO reported near an experimental Soviet weapons facility decades ago


Last year, people who believe in UFOs finally got confirmation from the United States government that Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon (UAP) are real. There are strange aircraft reported by U.S. Navy pilots that seem to travel at incredible rates of speed, defying what aviators thought humanly possible.

Although not yet proven as extraterrestrial in origin, these UFOs are certainly mysterious and threatening enough that the Navy changed its reporting policies in May for investigating UAP activity.

UFO encounters have often taken place near military-controlled ranges as if the craft could be closely monitoring weapons systems. Now, a newly declassified Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) document reveals details of a UFO seen near a military base in present-day Kazakhstan at a sensitive then-Soviet weapons facility.

The new details show that real UFO reports at such facilities date back half a century, at least.

In this new climate, where significant media networks admit that UFOs, or at least “Unidentified Aerial Phenomena” are real, we have a Newsweek report about the document.

That document dating back to the Cold War was released to The Black Vault, which calls itself “the largest online Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) document clearinghouse in the world.”

You can see the full document on their site, which contains a paragraph about a UFO of undermined diameter at the then-Soviet Union’s Sary Shagan Weapons Testing Range.

From Newsweek:

“The report not only includes unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP), but rumored Cold War ‘laser weapons.’ The UFO sighting took place in 1973 and was first revealed to the public in an ‘Intelligence Information Report’ released by the CIA in 1978. Heavily redacted, the declassified version of the document contains only a single paragraph, detailing an encounter with a UFO at a location called “Site 7.”
The UFO encounter took place in the summer, when the sighting’s source ‘stepped outside for some air,’ taking a break from watching a Canada vs. USSR sports match on T.V. It was evening, and the source saw above ‘an unidentified sharp (bright) green circular object or mass in the sky.'”

Via the document, an unidentified source on the experimental military base saw a green aircraft at Site 7, the “warhead checkout unit” and a garrison of Soviet Air Force personnel.

“On one evening in late summer 1973, Source observed an unidentified phenomenon at Site 7. While watching a sports competition between Canada and the USSR on television, he stepped outside for some air and observed an unidentified sharp (bright) green circular object or mass in the sky. The object was situated west of the site at an angle of sighting of approximately 70 degrees. The altitude of the object was undeterminable. (Field Comment; Although there were no clouds in the sky that evening, Source believed that the green mass would have been higher than cloud level. Source could not estimate the diameter of the object.)”

Then, the green mass started to move:

“Within 10 to 15 seconds of observation, the green circle
widened and within a brief period of time several green concentric circles formed around the mass. Within minutes the coloring disappeared. There was no sound, such as an explosion, associated with the phenomenon. (Field Comment: Source had no opinion as to what this phenomenon was. There-was no resultant rumors. Source could not provide any further details.)”

The Black Vault noted that reports like this one may not be uncommon, quoting Paul Stonehill, a researcher of Russian and Eurasian paranormal phenomena who often appears on the History Channel.

“There has been ‘UFO’ activity around the area for decades,” says Stonehill. “USSR had taken UFO presence seriously since the 1940s and established a special top-secret UFO/USO research program (academic/military) in 1978. But they are paying attention to the most sensitive UFO/USO presence areas (Arctic Russia; Russian Kuril Islands; Kamchatka, etc.). There is a new generation of highly educated, professional military scientists engaged in such research.”

Today, it seems as though UFO reports are ramping up in the United States, but it appears this unknown threat has a long documented history across the globe.

“This same problem currently facing the U.S. Navy is the same that tormented the Soviet Union throughout the Cold War. And despite the U.S. denying interest in the UFO phenomena after the close of Project Blue Book in 1970, there are many intelligence records like this one, which outline the concern on a global scale. Stonehill added that ‘the Soviets knew they were watched, and those at the top were aware that the ‘watchers’ were not Americans [or the] Chinese.'”

John Greenwald from the Black Vault told Newsweek:

“This is very much similar to the context we see today, with threats on military facilities,” Greenewald told Newsweek in a telephone interview. “The U.S. Navy has gone on the record saying whatever this is, it’s a concern. They’re being encroached upon by this unidentified phenomena.”

Why were UFOs appearing near a facility where experimental laser weapons using “powerful antennas” were being tested during the Cold War? Why are UFOs appearing in the skies near military sites in the US today? Will we, at some point in the near future, find out that these UFOs are, in fact, extraterrestrial in origin? Right now, that possibility can’t be ruled out, and could instantly change our understanding of the universe.

You can hear Stonehill talk about UFO sightings in the territories of present-day Russia “for millennia” below:

Featured image: Image via Pixabay

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