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Report of Fairy-Like Aliens Who ‘Won’t Let Us Destroy This Planet’

Fairy-like aliens

Greenish shape-shifting fairy-like aliens who can change from a red dot to 14 feet tall in seconds: That’s one description included in a recent report from the Toledo Blade.

Aside from fairy-like aliens, the report highlights Lima, Ohio, home of the Center for UFO Studies (CUFOS) since the 80s. J. Allen Hynek of Project Blue Book fame founded CUFOS in 1973 after overcoming his skepticism of the UFO phenomena.

Lima (not the Peruvian capital) and northwest Ohio, in general, have been a UFO hotspot for almost half a century. Since 1947, the National UFO Reporting Center has received 4,050 reports in Ohio alone, dating back to June of that year.

Generally, the descriptions are unidentified lights in the sky. However, a few stories now sound quite familiar. 

A Familiar Pill to Swallow

In the mid-2000s, Michael Krick, an American Electric Power worker, spotted a Volkswagen-sized white “pill” hovering and taking off like lightning. Certainly, it sounds much like the famous Tic-Tac UFO recently making headlines today. 

Krick described the UFO as “real bright white,” and “like a pill you just swallow.” He watched it cruising with no visible means of propulsion 90 feet up, making no sound. Suddenly, it moved below treetops and shot off into the distance.

Notably, Krick’s sighting happened around the same time that Navy pilot David Fravor witnessed a 40-foot Tic-Tac hovering near the USS Nimitz. However, that sighting took place off the California coast. In 2017, Fravor’s account went public in the New York Times.

Among the more than 100 sightings Krick has seen, he also recalled a frightening black triangle that appeared directly over his house.

Benevolent Fairy-Like Aliens in Lima

Certainly, the sighting of a Tic-Tac UFO in Ohio is interesting, but we also learn about a close encounter of the fourth kind. One summer night, Lima resident Jan Maccabee and her husband described seeing a fairy-like alien appear on their patio.

The encounter began when Maccabee saw a bright light shining from a “dark triangular shape” hovering 1500 feet in the sky near a tree.

Then, a small being appeared, but only visible on her phone as she got a picture. The Blade shares a blurry image of the tiny being taken from her phone.

“A small luminescent entity floated down, its wings glowing green with a tinge of blue. Mrs. Maccabee’s eyes popped — the entity was only visible on her phone camera,” reported the Blade.

From there, the close encounter gets intimate. As Maccabee watched on her phone, the creature flew up her leg. Then, she felt a “fuzzy” sensation and “insect legs” against her skin. However, rather than panicking, she felt a “rush of loving peace” like nothing she had ever experienced. 

Oh, but it gets even stranger…

Shape-Shifting Fairies or ETs

From there, the fairy-like alien flew back to the tree where the UFO had been hovering. Suddenly, it changed shape, growing to 14 feet tall with 12-foot-wide wings. Amazingly, she described the being as “magnificent,” whereas an average witness may have been frightened.

Just as suddenly, the fairy-like alien shrunk in size again. This time, it appeared like a red dot and shot into the light, disappearing.

To the couple, it’s hard to know if what they saw were extraterrestrial in origin or perhaps fairies, after all. However, they aren’t the only witnesses at home, which they describe as a “secondary version of Skinwalker Ranch.”

Telepathic Messages from ‘Guardians’

Recently, the Maccabees started sharing their home with a man named Brian Graupner. According to the report, three of the fairy-like aliens have visited his bedroom. For decades, he’s seen their aircraft to the extent he names them.

Moreover, Graupner claims he receives telepathic messages from the entities. Of the many messages, he says this one is perhaps most important:

“Evil has to go before they can come down.” They’re guardians, guiding us, and they’re “not going to let us destroy this planet,” Graupner says.

It may sound far-fetched to many people, but Graupner isn’t the only one speaking specifically about “guardians.”

For example, in North Carolina, Fayetteville Pilot Chris Bledsoe, Sr. spoke of guardians while under hypnosis. Bledsoe described seeing tall alien beings in a control room after a UFO encounter witnessed by three other people.

“They’re my guardians,” Bledsoe said after being asked, “Are they telling you why you were chosen?” by a psychologist.

See more about the encounters here.

Also, Bledsoe described encountering a glowing child-size entity with red eyes near his home. Rather than being petrified, he stood transfixed and felt a feeling of peace come over him.

Are there mysterious beings who are watching over people here on Earth? With all the chaos and bad news out there today, one hopes so. Hopefully, the “guardians” really do have our backs?

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Featured image: Fairy via Pixabay by KELLEPICS, Pixabay License

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