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Documentary Explores Flying Elk and Hunters Carried Off By UFOs

Flying reindeer, or Elk, and a connection to UFOs: That’s a central theme of a bizarre documentary Missing 411. The former police officer turned paranormal investigator Dave Paulides explores missing hunters. Then, he connects the dots with accounts by those who claim to have seen paranormal phenomena interacting specifically with Elk. In one case, a small UFO carries off an Elk strangely frozen in a field.

In another case, a hunter from Wyoming, Carl Higdon, talks about his experience in October 1974. While approaching a herd of Elk, he found them likewise frozen in time. Suddenly, he encountered a strange but friendly being called Auzzo One, who took him aboard a UFO. There, Higdon saw the animals on the ship and was returned home, suggesting his release was attributed to his vasectomy. He also claimed his health dramatically improved after the experience.

The documentary asks interesting questions about why possibly “extra-dimensional beings,” as a former FBI agent put it, might be interested in specific animals and those who hunt them. A suggested explanation is that they (whoever they are) are studying chronic wasting disease in the deer family.

The disease is considered a “huge concern” to researchers studying so far unaffected but already threatened Caribou herds in Canada. The show also suggests a connection with natural aquifers underneath the United States. One aquifer is located where no missing persons are reported, Paulides notes.

Below is the trailer for Missing 411: The UFO Connection:

Flying Elk and Chronic Wasting Disease

Missing people aren’t around to tell their tales. However, the accounts of Higdon and other witnesses seem to indicate studying Elk and human physiology.

Likewise, scientists are studying these animals, Caribou, Elk, and other members of the deer family. For one, they have been studying how COVID spreads among deer populations.

“The research suggests that the coronavirus could be taking hold in a free-ranging species that numbers about 30 million in the U.S. No cases of Covid spread from deer to human have been reported, but it’s possible, scientists say,” reported NBC News.

Certainly, the pandemic taught us much about how human health is inescapably connected with the natural world.

“It’s a reminder that human health is intertwined with that of animals and that inattention to other species could prolong the pandemic and complicate the quest to control Covid-19,” the report continued.

Reindeer, Elk in the snow
Reindeer by Darkmoon_Art via PixabayPixabay License

But scientists are, as the 411 documentary suggests, studying how chronic wasting disease (CWD) moves among the deer family. For instance, genetic variants called polymorphisms in caribou make them more or less susceptible to CWD. They might discover how to manage populations by learning which variants are stronger. 

Everyone has heard of mad cow disease, Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy. It’s a related “prion disease,” affecting the brain, spinal cord, and tissues. Prions are abnormal proteins that cause the disease and can be released into the environment. Hence the slaughtering of over four million cattle in the early 90s.

Image by geralt via PixabayPixabay License

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What Would They Want With Elk?

Aside from listening to witness accounts, it’s impossible to know why alleged beings would carry off Elk and hunters. One could draw parallels to the long-standing connection between UFOs and nuclear facilities. Perhaps, if these stories are true, they are studying because of concern? Like the scientists, they hope to prevent disasters or disease?

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Of course, it’s all speculative, and people will create their own narratives depending on their optimism or pessimism. It’s the latter which tends to be in most abundance in the mainstream. The recent horror movie “Nope” comes to mind with a UFO of sinister intent.

Draw your own conclusions, or perhaps, discount the stories. We’re still left with the reality of protecting species like Elk. We can draw the conclusion about the fundamental interconnection humans have with all of nature. No fantastic higher beings are needed to arrive at this conclusion.

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