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UFOs, the Threat Narrative, and Accusations of a 70-Year Cover-Up

It appears we are at a watershed moment when the US Congress has implied that some UFOs are not man-made. According to The Hill:

“Congress’s new definition of ‘UFO’ excludes ‘man-made’ objects,” states the report.

In a draft bill approved unanimously by the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, the term for unidentified flying aircraft is changed once more to “unidentified aerospace-undersea phenomena.” 

Previously, the government introduced UAP or unidentified aerial phenomena as the catchword to replace UFO. The more inclusive terminology allows the study of “cross-domain, transmedium” objects traveling between space, air, and water with apparent ease. 

Thus, we have “extraordinary language” being used, which suggests there must be some evidence for Congress to use such terms and to create a new Unidentified Aerospace-Undersea Phenomena Joint Program Office to study non-human craft or phenomena.

This news is very exciting for those who have long been interested in UFOs. Suddenly, the people derided as crazy for about 70 years or more are vindicated. It’s surprising and exciting, but there are also disturbing trends that are now fully expected. And, we still don’t have the evidence.

The UFO Threat Narrative is Here

Along with the shocking news that Congress will study non-human anomalous phenomena, we have news that they will be approached as a suddenly increasing threat. Some insiders have warned that the “threat narrative” would be coming, and here it is.

“A report accompanying the legislation notes that ‘transmedium threats to United States national security are expanding exponentially,'” The Hill stated.

Even mainstream Popular Science echoes this story of concern of a supposedly exponentially increasing threat.

“A close read into all of this indicates Congress is extremely troubled by the apparent evidence of objects that can seemingly move between sea, air, and space terrains in ways known human technology cannot,” writes Popular Science. “It’s a big deal, to say the least,” they emphasize.

But if this is such a big threat, then again, where is the evidence? Isn’t that what scientists generally demand on any given subject? Without that, is this fearmongering about the specter of an undefined boogeyman?

Is the threat merely that we can’t impose a threat on them (whoever they are) as they can do things beyond our capabilities? Are they ETs, angels, gods, demons, AI, nuts-and-bolts or beings of higher consciousness? We all have our opinions, but once more, the public is left to speculate, and where there is speculation, there is confusion. It’s been going on forever, and it’s one way to perpetuate a cover-up

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Who Has the Credibility on UFOs Now?

While the reports about this supposedly exponentially growing “threat” from who knows who come in, we also learn (from Australian news) more about a serious credibility problem.

“Seventy years ago, a decision was made in secret by a group of scientists, military officers and spies that public interest in UFOs, what we today call UAPs, should be debunked and discredited,” writes investigative journalist Ross Coulthart.

The now-declassified Robertson Panel report was a “fix, a forgone conclusion,” debunking UFOs.

“A secret report was prepared for the United States spy agency, the CIA (the Central Intelligence Agency), recommending a mass media campaign that would ‘strip’ Unidentified Flying Objects of their so-called ‘aura of mystery.'”

Disturbingly, this propaganda campaign involved the media in many forms.

“The report said: ‘The debunking aim would result in reduction in public interest in ‘flying saucers’ which today evoke a strong psychological reaction. This education could be accomplished by mass media such [as] television, motion pictures and popular articles.'”

Imagine all the stigma and ridicule that ruined real people’s lives. And, one wonders what role the media is playing now and who to trust. It seems logical to be highly skeptical of what we hear from the media on this subject. Shouldn’t there be accountability for obfuscating the truth and enabling a stigma for decades? 

Will there be hearings to allow whistle-blowers to testify before the American people? Given the long history, will this repair some credibility for the government on the UFO subject? It’s doubtful, as very few approve of our Congress carrying out its ordinary duties today.

‘I Think There’s a Cover Up’

Meanwhile, some notable people are saying the cover-up never stopped. Congressman Tim Burchett says, “I think there’s a cover-up,” and Dr. Garry Nolan says he “knows” it’s true.

“There’s been an active cover-up. The light has finally been shone (on the perpetrators),” Nolan told Coulthart.

Considering all this, are we to just accept the notion of a threat from those who have allegedly perpetuated a cover-up of this magnitude? Is the threat from “non-human” beings? Or is the real threat to humanity coming from inside the House?

Imagine how different the world would be today if we all simply knew more of the truth of our place in the universe some 70 years back.

Truth is, we all want and deserve the truth without hidden agendas, information hoarding, power-seeking, obfuscation, or media propaganda campaigns. But if you want the truth on the phenomenon, can we ever logically expect to hear it from humans in power?

Featured images by Placidplace via Pixabay