ETs could be sending quantum messages of light across space

ETs Could Communicate Across Space via Quantum Entangled Light, Suggest Scientists

Quantum computing has been making quantum leaps of late and could be commercially viable soon. Breakthroughs by scientists mimicking molecules in nature may push classical computers into obsoletion. 

As we all wonder if we can buy a quantum computer in a few years, researchers from the University of Edinburgh in the UK have released a study suggesting quantum messages could travel in the air or empty space as photons of light. Since light is all around us, it does make you wonder if we could be surrounded by such messages.

Entangled particles can update the message almost instantaneously at lightspeed. Thus, the delay would be slight from the message to the receiver.

“Curiously, while the information updates instantly, it can only be viewed after the speed of light, like hearing the sonic boom of thunder after seeing the lightning,” Popular Mechanics states.

Better yet, we don’t need satellites or cables. That means less space junk causing problems in Earth’s orbit.

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Quantum Messages from ET Civilizations?

Here’s where it grabs your attention because the physicists suggest ET civilizations (or higher beings?) could send quantum messages across the galaxy. The beings could transmit messages instantly thanks to entanglement, so long as no pesky observers see it along the way. If an observer sees the message, it gets disrupted by the “observer effect” (due to quantum supposition). It’s a fact that particles act differently when observed, “spooky,” though it may be.

One would assume that there would tend to be fewer observers to intercept a message in the vacuum of space versus conventional cable lines. Possibly, higher intelligence may have been sending quantum messages encoded in light this whole time, and we just weren’t aware? 

If this is the case, SETI may want to look into it.

“The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) might want to add quantum communication to its list of ways for aliens to get in touch,” writes Physics World.

It might make you wonder if those who claim to have telepathic skills could be capable of sending or similarly receiving entangled messages? 

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Telepathy in the Real World

Scientists have demonstrated that telepathy is possible by attaching sensors to the scalp. In controlled experiments, messages are formed via pulses of light or by causing a recipient to subconsciously strike a key on a keyboard. One day, the researchers suspected telepathy would advance with new technologies and knowledge.

“Telepathic communication that works like a sort of futuristic walkie-talkie will involve major advances in sensing, emitting and receiving technologies—and perhaps even a slight retraining of the human brain,” stated Smithsonian in 2014.

If this is true, then what if the quantum message goes through the air and passes through a “retrained” brain? Recently, scientists have learned more about how information passes in waves through the brain and is not always contained neatly in neural pathways.

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Light Messages Crossing Interstellar Space 

But, back to the research: photons could traverse interstellar space without losing fidelity or coherence, particularly at X-ray wavelengths. Like everything in this “simulation,” (matrix?) forces like gravity and collisions with other particles can warp and corrupt information. But, the researchers suspect the message likely remains legible anyway.

However, we might need to detect space-traversing X-rays from space, as the Earth’s atmosphere would tend to absorb them, according to interstellar communication expert Michael Hippke. On the other hand, what if the being in question sends the light message on Earth? Would we be able to receive it on the ground? You have to admit, it’s remarkable that scientists are talking about extraterrestrials at all, so perhaps it’s a stretch to think they would consider beings could be here with us from space or other dimensions.

Information as Matter and Wireless Electricity

The study follows recent news that information may be the fifth state of matter, which suggests we live in a mathematics-based simulation, IFLScience reported in March 2022. It could explain mysterious dark matter. According to a theory from the University of Portsmouth, when particles collide with antimatter, it could produce information “in the form of two low-energy infrared photons.” If so, the universe and everything in it could be swimming in such light information.

Also, wireless electricity is closer to becoming a reality in New Zealand; Nicola Tesla’s dream come true? Well, maybe not as Tesla had envisioned it via a Tesla coil controlling electricity across vast distances. Nevertheless, it’s certainly a step forward. As long as somebody can monetize it? Well, that’s not how Tesla dreamed of it, but we’ll take whatever progress we can, won’t we?

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