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Leaked Time Machine Slides are Propaganda, China Says

China’s largest state physics lab has denied reports that it’s working on a time machine with a private company. Now, they are calling it “false propaganda.”

leaked Powerpoint presentation has circulated online claiming a collaboration with Ruitai Development Technology. However, both the Chinese Academy of Sciences’ Institute of High Energy Physics (IHEP) and Ruitai refuted the story as false.

One of the refuted Powerpoint slides states the alleged time machine would be up to speed in seven months. First, it would require an investment of USD 30.9 million.

“The project plans to select a location in China, and lease an area of ​​about 16 acres to build a scientific experiment base. It is expected that the device will be able to successfully shuttle the space-time experiment 7-12 months after the funds are in place.”

Space-time Tunnel Generation Experimental Device

The bizarre Powerpoint leaked via 6Park News, contains diagrams of the device. If true, the time machine could “prolong life by using Albert Einstein’s theory of general relativity to distort space-time.”

“The founders developed and designed a space-time tunnel generation experimental device based on the research of “On Time”. The device can distort time and space, control the flow rate of time, break through the barrier of time and space, and can be widely used for time travel, interstellar voyage, life extension, etc.”

In another slide, the text suggests the time machine works by manipulating electromagnetic fields.

“This theory created the media that can propagate the cosmic energy field—time particles and time strings. It was discovered that by controlling the electromagnetic field, the curvature and distribution of the time string can be changed, thereby affecting the effect of the cosmic energy field on things and making the things. The relative change in the speed of time elapses. When it is considered that the time string is acted on by controlling the electromagnetic field, the time string is twisted and broken until a time, and space wormhole is formed, that is, a time and space tunnel.”

Recently, scientists proposed that traveling through wormholes, long thought impossible, might be achievable. 

Image: Screenshot via 6Park News

Time Travel or Hibernation?

Popular Mechanics notes that the references to prolonging life “sounds like some kind of hibernation.”

Perhaps, people could hibernate on space voyages. In December 2020, the magazine also noted studies that suggest ancient humans used to hibernate in caves. 

So, as far-fetched as it sounds, it might be possible for humans to sleep for years like Rip Van Winkle.

“… it’s easy to see why hibernation time travel would be highly sought after by investors,” noted Caroline Delbert.

Even weirder, the Powerpoint strangely claimed a Nobel Laureate named Gao Kun praised the project. However, Kun doesn’t exist. On the other hand, Ruitai Technology is a real company, which only started on December 31, 2020.

According to 6Park Newsthe time machine story appears to be at least 13 years old. It was first published in a blog.

Stranger still, the article claims a financing platform mistakingly created the Powerpoint. 

According to Chinese news:

“Financing information platform Tourongjie mistakenly created the presentation, and Ruitai has terminated its cooperation with the platform, Chongqing Morning News reported yesterday, citing Chairman Guo Weiwei.”

It’s not the first time bizarre Powerpoints have raise eyebrows about out-of-this-world possibilities. In July 2020, The New York Times presented an unclassified Powerpoint slide used by the Pentagon’s UFO Program referencing “off-world vehicles” of “foreign derivation.”

Also, Forbes recently discussed incredible Navy patents for UFOs, Electromagnetic force field generators, and more, all publicly viewable on Google.

Perhaps, it’s all propaganda, or could it be something more?

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