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You can order Cosmic Merch featuring the Three Fishes design and much more on Redbubble.

The Three Fishes design shows the universality of the Trinity across world religions and spiritual practices but originating in Egypt. See more about what inspired the ancient design here.

Image via Redbubble by Jedi-Artist/ The Cosmic Web

Cosmic Merch and Nature-Inspired Designs

Aside from surfing the Cosmic Web, I’m also wild about conserving nature, such as Monarch butterflies. The Monarchs and Milkweed’s artwork looks great on pillows, stickers, and many other items. The design features some cute insects that create a microcosm around this one native plant. If you want a black background or another color, there are options for that too!

I want to encourage everyone to help support nature by creating a wildlife sanctuary at home, however small, and avoiding pesticides and herbicides as much as possible.

Image via Redbubble by Jedi-Artist/ The Cosmic Web

There are many other designs in the shop if you click on “explore designs.” Each design comes in multiple sizes to fit the various products produced by Redbubble.

I do this blog just for fun but if you like, you can help support the project and get something fun for yourself while you’re at it. The product quality has been great. When I’m not writing (which is almost all the time) I do artwork so I plan to add more designs gradually.

As you can see, I’m an enormous Star Wars fan. (see below)

Image by Corbin Black/The Cosmic Web. Feel free to share.

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